Bamboo Cuddlesafari Towel

Bubba Bambu

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Bamboo Cuddlesafari

Has anyone seen a more gorgeous toddler towel than our giraffe-design Cuddlesafari? We don’t think so!

Little ones love the big, colourful print – and they love the horns and ears too. And you’re going to love seeing them have so much fun, and how big, soft and warm it is, keeping them warm as they leave the waterhole (your bathroom) to canter around in wild open spaces (their bedroom).


A beautiful range of products for babies and little ones, for bathtime, swim and beach.

These fabulous and fun ‘dress up’ bamboo towels make the everyday become special, the ideal addition to your routine or the perfect present.
Luxuriously thick and made of pure cotton and bamboo fibre towelling – which will stay soft however many times you wash it. These funky towels will encourage your little one to turn the end of bathtime into playtime, letting their imagination take off!
  • Made with natural bamboo fibre and pure cotton – silky soft, highly absorbent and fast drying.
  • Unbelievably soft – the bamboo gives these gorgeous towels a softness which makes them stand out from all other towels, and they keep their softness even after hundreds of washes, unlike regular cotton towels.
  • Natural antibacterial properties – perfect for sensitive baby skin.
  • Cosy hood – two layers to dry hair and keep warmth in.
  • Super snuggly – the warmest toddler towel you can buy.
  • Sensibly big – tons of fabric to wrap them right up.
  • Encourages imaginative play.
  • From walking age to 3 years.
  • Featured on UK television on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den in November 2007, with follow ups in December 2008 and September 2009.
  • Award winning – with awards from Bizziebaby, Gurgle and Babyworld.
  • Regularly featured by the UK parenting media, reviewed by parents on websites – including Mumsnet and Babyworld, and a favourite with mummy bloggers.

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